Welcome to Maoin Cheoil na Gaillimhe

Maoin Cheoil na Gaillimhe, Galway Music Resource, School of Music ,St. Mary's College Welcome to Maoin Cheoil na Gaillimhe, the Galway Music Resource, a fully dedicated school of music in the heart of Galway city. Housed in the wonderful surroundings of St. Mary's College on St. Mary's Rd., this haven within the city is the perfect location from which to launch this new and exciting development in music education. At MCnG, we aim to deliver the complete spectrum of music education under one roof. Our courses start with children as young as one year old, and continue through each stage of the student's development right into adulthood and the young at heart.

Music is the outward expression of our intellect and creativity. It is as old as mankind, and speaks to us on a level that transcends age, creed or race. The study of music ennobles the human spirit, and enhances our development as individuals. Our mission at MCnG is to deliver this at the highest level of tuition, in an environment of fun, exploration and discovery.